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25 Mar 2018

Open Easter weekend but closed On Easter Monday only.

3 Mar 2018

New wines have made their debut on our wine list, let us know your thoughts

8 Feb 2018

I can see them, I can smell them, Ox tails coming on tonight's menu!

5 Jan 2018

Remind you that our closing times have changed. Lunch will finish at 2:30pm and dinner at 10:00pm Monday to Saturd…

5 Jan 2018

We are back, getting the Restaurant ready for today's lunch. Happy 2018 to everyone!

5 Jan 2018

@razzbingo 8 for dinner, 16 for lunch, looking forward to see you then. Happy 2018!

19 Dec 2017

A kind reminder of our closing times during Christmas time. We'll close from Saturday 23rd December to Thursday 4th…

19 Dec 2017

@razzbingo Wonder no more.. we do, give us a call and we can organize it for you as it's not always on the menu

18 Nov 2017

Have you seen our Christmas menu for parties? Have you?

24 Oct 2017

Christmas menus up on our website!