Today's Menu

Please see below for our current menu. Please note, due to the changing nature of our produce, certain items may not be available at all times.

Menu last updated
Wednesday 29 January, 2020

Beetroot, mustard cress and Goat's Curd V 7.00
Little gem, radishes , crumbs and boiled egg 7.50
Cold duck breast, chicory and pickled walnut 7.50
Roast quail and aioli 9.50
Steamed mussels, celery and lovage 8.50
Duck hearts, green beans and tarragon 7.50
Calf's liver, mash, sage and onion 16.50
Blythburgh T-Bone pork chop, sprout tops and mustard 17.00
Braised duck leg and carrots 16.50
Hake, roast cauliflower and capers 16.50
Whole lemon sole and monk's beard 18.50
Wood pigeon, pearl barley and watercress 16.50
Grilled venison haunch, swede and carrot 18.50
Roast Jerusalem artichokes, Delicia pumpkin and white beans V 14.00
Buttermilk pudding and rhubarb 6.00
Mandarin sorbet 6.00
Meringue, chocolate and nuts 6.00
Sticky date pudding and pouring Cream 6.50
Warm rice pudding and jam 6.00
Brown bread ice cream 6.00
Tunworth and fennel biscuits 6.00