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15 Oct 2020

@robinmonotti We are very aware of the law and comply to all the guidelines and rules provide by the government.

15 Oct 2020

Glad to hear that you were lucky regarding COVID 19 and are feeling better @robinmonotti

15 Oct 2020

@robinmonotti You banged the table aggressively with both hands, making the cutlery and the glass fall and turned a…

15 Oct 2020

@robinmonotti Our priority number 1 is the safety of our customers and our own staff. On the very short conversatio…

7 Oct 2020

We just want to thank all of you for being so nice and proper about leaving the restaurant at 10pm every night.

2 Sep 2020

We are open

1 Sep 2020

Getting the restaurant ready. We are back tomorrow for dinner service. Looking forward to see you!

18 Aug 2020

We are looking for chefs to join our kitchen team. We'll be opening back from 2nd September. Please, do send us an…

31 Jul 2020

Our outdoor table informal dining guests are cooling down on this hot evening with chilled pea & lovage soup

25 Jul 2020

a few indoor tables on rainy evenings...