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2 Dec 2018

@Gurbitar Dear Daniel, we are going to take a break from 22nd December to 3rd January

10 Oct 2018

We are looking for a chef to join our team. You know how to contact us should you be interested or pass it along if…

12 Sep 2018

Grouse and Partridge on the menu can only mean one thing. Game season is on. Welcome

22 Aug 2018

We'll be closed for Notting Hill Carnival, from Saturday to Monday. Back on Tuesday 28th for dinner service. Have fun. Responsibly

17 Jun 2018

We are looking for chefs to join our kitchen team. Should you be interested, please contact us on [email protected] or pop in to see us!

24 May 2018

We are open this weekend but will close, for a tiny break, on Bank Holiday Monday 28th May.

5 May 2018

We'll be open the whole weekend, grilling, dressing and drinking

25 Mar 2018

Open Easter weekend but closed On Easter Monday only.

3 Mar 2018

New wines have made their debut on our wine list, let us know your thoughts

8 Feb 2018

I can see them, I can smell them, Ox tails coming on tonight's menu!